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Remember how happy you were as a child playing with your LEGOs? Well you can now be a happy adult as Jolt Team brings back LEGO bricks –and memories, in the most fun, colorful and creative way.

The creative minds of the team have created the Brik Case, a MacBook case that can be decorate according to the user’s taste. The product is not endorsed or licensed by any toy brick company and bricks of various toy companies can be clipped on the cover. Jolt Team has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their product and give their backers the chance to customize and build their laptops in their own way.

Are you ready to still your kids’ LEGO and put them on your brick case? You can back the project here.

via demilked

LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-02 LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-01 LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-051 LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-06 LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-07 LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-09 LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-04 LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-03 LEGO-decorated-laptop-macbook-brik-case-jolt-team-19