Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Many years ago, the Ancient Egyptians designed the pyramids as the burial monuments of pharaohs, who needed to rest the way they lived their lives; as kings.

Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos thought that a royal accommodation shouldn’t be denied while still living, and designed Pyramid House, as his proposal for a recent architecture competition. It’s minimal design and clean aesthetic create a sense of serenity and stillness, while its details and interior design are the epitome of modernity and simplicity.

Through its huge window on one of its sides, one can see the interior of the house, while multiple window cuts on the other sides of the pyramid, allow natural light to fill the entire house. The Pyramid House is a multi-level building that includes a library, two bedrooms, a pool and even a recording studio, all designed to fit cleverly inside this unconventional structure.

via mymodernmet

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