by Jonathan Stone

See this giraffe? You’re probably thinking that these images are photoshopped, but in truth her colors are as real as your typical giraffe’s. Omo is a 15-month-old beauty who suffers from the condition of leucism. Her skin looks as if it was bleached, as her condition results to a partial loss of pigmentation.

This cuties lives in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and was spotted by Dr Derek Lee, founder and scientist at the Wild Nature Institute. “Omo appears to get along with the other giraffes, she has always been seen with a large group of normally coloured giraffe – they don’t seem to mind her different colouring. We and our partners are working on giraffe conservation and anti-poaching to help give Omo and her relatives a better chance of survival. We hope that she lives a long life and that some day she has calves of her own,” he explains. (via)

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