Realistic oddities and creepy jewelry you have never seen before.


At first you might say it looks creepy (and you’ll probably be right), but after a couple of glances you won’t be able to stop gazing at some of Polina’s Verbytska jewelry.

The detail she achieves on those small sculptures is remarkable. She sculpts various things , from flowers to fetus figurines and human hearts. Everything is made by hand with polymer clay and she does have an Etsy store where you can see all her frozen figurine collection.

“At some point, an idea came to me, so now I make my miniature sculptures as jewelry, and I also have a shop where I sell it” stated Polina when asked how it all begun.

“I know that people may think that it is too weird to wear something like this, but for me, it is to have your own little piece of art, which is always with you. And also I don’t see my works as something “creepy”, it just a miracle of life in all its forms”.