Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

One of the things they teach us at school, is how to paint on glass. Some of us succeed at it, others totally fail, but none of us achieve a “Sainte Chapelle” quality of work.

Brielle is a Houston-based crafter whose stained glass pieces might not be “Sainte Chapelle”, but they are definitely exceptional. Her series of glass-works is titled, HamboneGlass, they are all custom-made and she sells them on her etsy store. Brielle draws her inspiration from traditional stained glass techniques, while her themes are a combination between the conventional and the modern. Her unexpected pieces have all been worked carefully and thoroughly, as her technique might be fun and unique, but it’s also dangerous. The crafter hand-makes every work, while they are all one-of-a-kind. After hand-cutting the glass, she tapes, solders and polishes it, to create what you see in the images below; the fine result of a worked material that is so difficult to work with.

Despite its risks and difficulty, Brielle seems to master the art of glass, as her artistry and love for it help her work and create for both her and the customer.

Brielle sells her custom-made creations on etsy. Check them out!