by Agape Charmani

Takumi Kama is a Japanese artist who apparently identifies with a lot of animals, something he both states in his CV and strongly depicts in his paintings. Kama creates inspiring little scenarios where various animals exists in unnatural, strange environments that either satirize or comment on the lifestyle of animals and they way they have been mistreated by humans.

Focusing on the humorous aspect of his work, Kama explains in his statement that his purpose is to make people enjoy the work, and maybe laugh a little. “For me what is simple, clear and the most important is how my work can stop someone in their steps, draw them into an unexpected world and even freeze time. Laugh and maybe find yourself a little bit frightened. Humor everyone can enjoy is very important in life. It needs neither reason nor explanation, otherwise it ceases to be funny. Look at the painting, check out the title, those who “get it”, will. I just want you to be free to laugh and enjoy it. “


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