Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

How hard is to maintain eye contact with a gorilla?

In the Rotterdam Zoo’s case must be extremely hard, as the zoo officers started giving cardboard glasses to the zoo visitors. These special glasses havea set of eyes imprinted on the front side. These eyes are photographed to look to their left, confusing the person that’s looking at them, and giving the wearer the chance to pull amazing pranks on friends.

These “Gorilla Glasses” were actually created to prevent gorillas from getting pissed. Gorillas must get easily offended as species, as they tend to attack visitors who look them straight in the eyes. There are many incidents of escaped gorillas attacking people that dared to give them the eye. Thank goodness, this dutch zoo made sure no visitor who wishes to keep their eyes would look at the gorillas without the “gorilla glasses” anymore.

via mostepicstuff