Narcissus was in Greek mythology a son of a river god and a nymph,famous for his beauty.So in love with himself was he that one day he drowned while looking at his reflection in the water.(I bet Nemesis had everything to do with it)
While looking for the key to stay young, these women have found simple but weird ways to do so. Target: Control their face’s wrinkles. Method: Never smile!(apart from one case who smiled all the time).
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The first case,Tess Christian, aged 50.


Hasn’t smiled since she was 10.
She didn’t smile even when she gave birth to her daughter.
“After Stevie’s birth I was overwhelmed with joy, but still didn’t feel the need to smile” she says.
She claims that this has helped her look young.


“My strategy is more natural than Botox and more effective than any expensive beauty cream or facial” she adds.


“It’s not as if I’m miserable. I love life. I just don’t feel the need to show it by walking around with a rictus grin on my face”.


Her friends have given her the nick name “Mona Lisa” after the well-known painting by Leonardo da Vinci. She explains that Mona Lisa was “quietly amused” just like her.


The second case, Vicky Kidd, aged 38.


A painful breakup five years ago,was the reason why she made up her mind not to smile again.


“The lines on my face were escalating and with advancing age I started worrying about being left on the shelf”, she says.


The third case, Christine Remnant, aged 70, has another method, tho.


At the age of eight she made a quite different decision: To never stop smiling. Wonder why?


Well, it is because of the forehead. Smiling prevents the forehead from developing wrinkles.