Lady Gaga’s shows are about to get a whole lot more awesome thanks to her lead keyboardist, Brockett Parsons, who has invented a wild circular keyboard with 294 keys that he and his team of inventors have called the Piano Arc (or the “Brockettship”).

This piano is not for the faint of heart, uniting three 88-note keyboards and a 30-key contorl section contiguously with multiple forms of digital inputs and outputs. Parsons writes, “the key dimensions where the white/black keys intersect are the same as a traditional piano, and it seems to translate easily to most keyboard techniques. That being said, this is NOT your grandmother’s piano.”

When asked why he created this amazing contraption, he said, “There’s really no reason to do this. This wasn’t made to make money, obviously. We just felt that we wanna do something cool.” In that case, mission accomplished!