Katerina Marchenko creates mesmerizing floating illusions


Fabric artist and designer Katerina Marchenko stitches brightly colored threads into tulle to form elaborate embroidered images of animals and portraits. She embellishes some of her designs with sequins, beads, and metallic threads. Once the artist’s ethereal designs are complete, she releases her thread animals from the embroidery hoop and incorporates her work into her own handmade garments.

“Embroidery is a meditative process which helps me to calm down and gather all my thoughts,” Marchenko said. Her artwork looks like she devoted plenty of time and patience to it, and it’s super intricate and beautiful to look at. her aesthetic and techniques are inspired in part by fashion and haute couture. A 2016 sewing course inspired her to create an embroidered tulle blouse, and the following year she took an embroidery course at Ecole Lesage School in Paris.

Marchenko teaches embroidery classes in Moscow but she has online courses too which you can enter through her website.

All images via Katerina Marchenko.


Katerina Marchenko info : Instagram  Behance Website