Julia Horeftari for Art-Sheep

Greetings, my brave reader.
Water is the only element that can acquire three different forms: liquid, gas and solid. In the case of solidity it is when it becomes ice. This magnificent form of water has inspired fairy tales, movies, expeditions and dreams about travelling to other planets just because they’re covered with ice and so there is obvious possibility of life.
But I’m not here for a geology class, my brave reader. I just wanted to share with you some cool facts about ice I found on QI, is all.
1. The world’s ice sheets contain enough water to make the world’s sea levels rise by at least 65 metres.

2. The polar ice cap is melting so quickly that, by 2050, ships will be able to sail to the North Pole.

The Sheldon Glacier with Mount Barre in the background, is seen from Ryder Bay near Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island
3. The technical term for ice-cream brain freeze is “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia”.

brain freeze
4. In Antarctica in winter, boiling water thrown into the air will freeze instantly.

 5. In 1673, Dover and Calais were joined by ice.


6. The word ‘forfrorn’ means ‘to be stuck fast in ice’.