Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

A Popsicle is the kind of snack that apart from being sweet and icy, it is sometimes also (not) funny and amusing. When you open one, you read a question -usually a riddle, written on the stick’s uncovered edge. After you finish the ice pop, you can then read the answer to the question of the other end of the stick. And while sometimes you may laugh with a Popsicle joke, most of the times you either laugh with how ridiculous they are or you get offended by their often tactless and rude jests.

And as not everybody appreciates the fun process of the Popsicle experience, one of these Popsicle-haters is a team behind a tumblr blog called, disappointingpopsiclejokes. The creators of this blog, who also run a funny or die channel, thought it be nice to include real-life truths on ice pop sticks, making them completely lose their innocence and goofiness, as these sticks comment on social, political and gender-equality issues. The result is a hilarious set of made-up frozen snack sticks that express everybody’s anger towards the world and speak some ugly truths.

The images below are just images of sticks with Popsicle jokes written on them. Simple Popsicle jokes, only they’re disappointing. Or not?

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