They spent a whole dive and most of their air saving this octopus from what was bound to be a cruel fate.

Plastic is the primary pollutant in oceans and everyone has the potential to make the oceans a better place to live for everyone. Most trash (including plastic) sinks. Most people only talk about the parts that they can see. The part that floats, but that’s just scratching the surface of the problem. Plastic straws are a minuscule part of the problem.

A feel-good story that serves as an example (and a reminder!) of how we ought to take care of our ocean life. A video surfaced that shows how scuba divers in Lembeh, Indonesia are convincing a baby veined octopus to switch “homes”—from a transparent plastic cup to a couple of seashell.

Here’s the full video

Image credits: Pall Sigurdsson