Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Up and Away is a photo series by L.A.-based photographer Gray Malin.

For this project the photographer placed colorful balloons in beautiful and exotic places of the world. Balloons have always been a symbol of celebration, happiness and joy, and Malin makes sure this characteristic is highlighted in his pictures.

In Up and Away the photographer puts zebra balloons in an African field, while pineapples and parrots are aligned on a Bermudian beach. The sets of objects and animals seem to be in their natural habitat, as apart from their material a zebra’s true nature is indeed in an African grassland, while floral shirts are a must for a day at the beach.

The series is ongoing, as Malin continues to take pictures all over the world during his extensive travels.

 graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-01 graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-02 graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-03 graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-06 graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-10-1024x683graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-13-1024x683graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-08-1024x683 graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-11-1024x683 graymalin-up-and-away-everythingwithatwist-12-1024x683