Anna Randal for Art-Sheep


Artist Miguel Chevalier’s installation for the French Institute of Morocco is a visual spectacular designed with mesmerizing lights and beautiful sounds.

Magic Carpet is an interactive work within the nave of the Sacré Coeur church in Casablanca, Morocco, that often hosts many shows and fairs. For this installation, Chevalier literally transformed the interior of the church projecting a variety of multicolored light patterns and mosaics. Through its connection with its surroundings it gives the viewer  a spiritual experience, as walking throughout the space makes the designs adjust and change in unpredictable movements, creating a direct dialogue with the viewer.

Through its virtual carpets featuring a continues flow of bright colors that swirl and form various shapes, the installation almost hypnotizes the viewer. Apart from the show of colors and forms, echoing sounds of music by Michel Redolfi are the perfect complement to the visitor’s spiritual experience.

Watch the video above to see the beautiful installation.

via mymodernmet

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