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All images © Niccolo Rastrelli & Giorgio Barrera

Andate in Pace is a series of photographs by Italian photographers Giorgio Barrera and Niccolò Rastrelli who created this series to honor Catholic Milanese churches, in a way they know best.
The duo took some beautiful pictures of churches all over Italy and the result of this process is a visual enjoyment. The photographers were inspired by the new, modern churches that were built after the Second Vatican Council. Exploring the complex relationship between modern architecture, the church and its worshippers, this series is a reflection of how the old and traditional is combined with the new and contemporary.
Barrera and Rastrelli photographed their churches from the point of view of the priest looking out into the congregation, as a way to “understand the importance of the church-goers within the architectonic space.” They captured the venue as both a spiritual and architectural space, with people depicted attending Mass and praying.

Their two-year project is titled Andate in Pace, which in Italian means “go in peace”, something that priests say when they close their sermon in both Italy and America. “It’s a beautiful message the priest sends to the churchgoers,” they say. “It’s amazing to imagine that everyone leaves the church thinking of facing the world going in peace.”

The duo plans on taking their project across continents and include to American churches to their collection.

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Chiesa Di San Paolo, Foligno. Domenica, ore 11:08


Chiesa Di San Nicolao Dlla Flue, Milano. Domenica, ore 11:02


Chiesa Di Santa Margherita Maria Alcoque, Roma. Sabato, ore 18:33


Chiesa Dell’Amore Misericorioso, Collevalenza. Sabato, ore 17:37


Chiesa Di San Giovanni Battista, Firenze. Domenica, ore 11:59


Chiesa Di San Giovanni, Milano. Domenica, ore 10:30


Chiesa Del Santo Volto Di Gesù, Roma. Domenica, ore 9:49


Chiesa Del Santissimo Redentore, Seriate. Domenica, ore 11:03


Chiesa Santa Maria Al Romito, Pontedera. Domenica, ore 11:30


Chiesa Di Santa Cecilia. Potenza, ore 9:38


Chiesa Della Sacra Famiglia, Salerno. Giovedi, ore 19:00


Chiesa Dello Spirito Santo, Napoli. Domenica, ore 9:39


Concattedrale Gran Madre Di Dio, Taranto. Venerdi, ore 17:02