Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

We’ve seen illustrators create minimal posters of movies, while fans constantly make all kinds of fan-made film art, but movie posters painted with gouache, is something we’ve never, ever seen before.

Faye Moorhouse is a Brighton-based freelance artist known for her raw drawings and brilliant illustrations. Her messy lines and strange proportions create a line of work whose style make it look like it has been made by a child. However, her thoughtful themes are what gives Moorhouse’s age and profession, with her experienced eye and smart ideas creating a complex mix of innocence and sarcasm.

In ‘”Wonky Movie Poster” the artist presents a series of 20 original movie posters, illustrated with the artist’s unique technique. From The Lion King to Nymphomaniac, Moorhouse selected a variety of well-known movies and turned their posters into bizarre alternatives to the originals. The vivid colors she uses and her humorous intention strip away the seriousness and hype of the movies, making Moorhouse’s “wonkies” look like a better, more fun choice of posters.

 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-15 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-16 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-17 Nymphomaniac_426 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-1 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-5 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-6 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-7
The-Lion-King_426 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-11 faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-12