Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Ever wonder what will happen to your Facebook account after you leave this world? Because even though you won’t exist anymore, your digital life will remain intact.

Not only will it remain intact, it will be perceived as a memento of your existence. Facebook allows you to designate a “legacy contact,” who’ll be allowed to “pin a post on your Timeline” after your death, such as a funeral announcement. This macabre but helpful feature is not available in every country and it will provide the contact with limited access to your account.  The contact will be able to respond to new friend requests, update your cover and profile photos, archive your Facebook posts and photos but won’t be allowed to log in as you or read your messages.

The account will no longer appear in searches or public notifications like birthdays and will be viewed only by the user’s friends, as it will stand as a memorial for the user. This feature was introduced after after families of deceased Facebook users told the site they wanted to download and preserve the user’s photos and also post funeral announcements or other news.

If you want to make sure you get this Facebook memorial go to Security and click on “Legacy Contact,” where you’ll be able to select one of your Facebook friends and allow your digital life to go into eternity.

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