Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

“The dying are the great appreciators. They notice the value of the sunshine on a spring afternoon, a few minutes with a grandchild, another breath… And they know what spoilt ingrates we are, not stopping to register the wonder of every passing minute. They were once like us of course. They wasted decades but now they are in a position to know of their folly and warn us of our own.”

In no better way than through these words could one describe Andrew George‘s intended message in powerful new sereis of photographs, titled Right Before I Die. In this collection of pictures, George captures 20 men and women with terminal illnesses, in an effort to demonstrate their amazing attitudes towards death, as well as life, but also to explore his own and the public’s fear of death and appraisal of life. In one simple and frighteningly true sentence he states, “These men and women were no different from any of us, and, sooner or later we would all be experiencing what they were.”

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