Albert Sagan for Art-Sheep
all images courtesy of FILFURY

Many people who are fans of sneakers regard some footwear as works of art. Well, there’s one guy who makes a step further with this notion and actually makes works of art from sneakers. Phil Robson, aka FILFURY, is an artist currently based in Brighton, UK who takes photographs of sneakers and then digitally manipulates them to create a new kind of collage. FILFURY’s process is simple and to the point: first, he looks at a certain sneaker and thinks of what it reminds him of, or what a pair of sneakers could be -other than a pair of sneakers, that is- and then he just starts meddling with the images, transforming gradually the shoes into their new forms, turning a pair of adidas into what looks like the Batman logo or a pair of Nike shoes into a silver fox.
Fascinating work, isn’t it?

via coolmaterial