Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Fiona Roberts is an Australian artist whose work could be described as a surrealistic take on everyday objects, such as hairbrushes and chairs.

The artist removes the characteristic of functioning from the common items she uses, and with additions like hair and sculpted mouths, she forms a series of bizarre-looking but majestic artworks. Roberts works on both sculptures and digital works, all preserving and developing her macabre vision. Using body textures and patterns the artist has created a certain artistic identity that makes her work characteristic to and identified with her name.

The works featured here are a selection from her series Misc Work, Emergence, The Beginning of the End and Intimate Vestiges, all exploring notions of familiarity, identity and decay. The way Roberts mixes body parts and the patters she creates out of eyes and mouths is an exploration of anthropomorphism inside the artistic practice, while her use of these parts encloses a hidden desire for contact that is being expressed through these abnormal installations.

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