Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Linnea Strid is an artist based in Sweden, known for her impressive hyperrealistic paintings. Painting mostly women, Strid works on her subjects with an exquisite attention to detail, making their facial features look real. Adding layers, bubbles and waves of water, the artist forms an illusion that draws the viewer’s attention and has him/her wonder as to whether he/she is looking at a photo or a painting.

The expressions of Strid’s characters and the artist’s exceptional talent to paint with such realism and thoroughness, makes her work stand out for its uniqueness and brilliancy.

 DSC_0044-633x630 horizontal-flood-468x800 Contemplation-633x546 Resuscitation-633x576 transforming-633x567 Embraced-by-the-silence-633x522 crooked-smile-copy-633x564 in-the-end-theres-only-persistence-left-copy-633x471 there-was-nothing-left-to-say-copy-633x664 quiet-copy-633x738 DSC_0008-copy1-633x485 DSC_0019-copy-633x483 DSC_0034-copy-633x663 DSC_0002-289x800 2013-08-17-08.04.55-633x620 IMGP2530-633x647