Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Sophie and Sarah are two adorable Old English sheepdogs that really seem to know how to pose for the camera. Cees Bol, their owner and amateur photographer, captures these beautiful dogs in various locations. From playing on a seesaw to watching the sunset, the two sheepdogs that do everything -literally everything, together, look like they’re enjoying every single moment they spend posing for their owner’s camera.

Even though Sophie is six years old, while Sara is four, the two dogs are actually sisters! These cute siblings have grown up together and they have formed a very special bond that led Bol to share it with the world. As he explains on Daily Mail, “I take the photos is so I can make people happy and put a smile on their face – well, Sophie and Sarah do. In a world full of bad things, I found a way to make it a little bit brighter. And seeing people happy makes me happy.”

This unique family lives in the Netherlands and oftenly takes trips to various places, like the fields of Sibculo and the Austrian Alps.



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