Amazing roads, balancing on the precipitous cliffs or stretching across the seas, railways that pass breathtaking mountains and gorges, sparkling futuristic highways – all of them will take to your final destination. But on your way there you will get the most exciting ride in your lifetime. Check out these crazy rides.

29 The Chocolate Train, Switzerland


Photo by Jan Geerk

28 Bernina Express, Switzerland, Italy

27 Shanghai Highways, Shanghai, China

Photo by Eve Ingram


26 Madrid-Oviedo, Spain

Photo by Daniel Korzhonov

25 The Jacobite, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Photo by Dragan Todorović

24 Balkan Flexipass, Serbia, Montenegro

23 The West Rhine Railway, Germany

22 Serra Verde Express, Paraná, Brazil

Photo by Andrew Cirrincione

21 Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California, USA

Photo by Paul Sarawak

20 Maeklong Railway, Samutsongkram, Thailand

Photo by Gavin Hellier

19 Sylvenstein Bridge, Upper Bavaria, Germany

18 Rocky Mountaineer, Canadian Rockies, Canada

17 The Seven Stars, Kyushu, Japan

16 Narvik-Kiruna Railway, Norway, Sweden

Photo by Steve Jackson

15 Dades Gorge, Morocco

14 The Great British Heritage Route, United Kingdom

13 Flam Railway, Norway

Photo by Nuno Miguel Pais Trabulo

12 Oporto-Pinhão, Portugal

Photo by S. Jerng

11 The Wengernalp Railway, Switzerland

Photo by Jan Geerk

10 Glacier Express, Switzerland

9 The Rauma Railway, Norway

Photo by Des Jacobs

8 The Long Tom Pass, Sabie, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Photo by Allard Schager

7 Sequoia National Park, Sierra Nevada, USA

Photo by Asbjørn Floden

6 The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

5 The Seven Mile Bridge, Florida, USA

Photo by Bob Segal

4 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, USA

Photo by Dmitry Samsonov

3 Nazca, Peru


Photo by Andrew Waddington

2 Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile


1 Changwon City, South Korea