by Anna Randal

The Oscar nominations become the talk of the town at the beginning of every year. This year there have been many discussions around the lack of diversity in all categories, something the led twitter users create the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite and many Hollywood stars boycott the awards ceremony.

And while everyone is still extremely angry with The Academy,  London-based website The Shiznit decided to comment on the nominations, in a certainly fun way. By renaming the nominated films, the Shiznit people have blessed us with a series of amusing, honest posters that perfectly describe our thoughts behind the movies’ titles or stories.

Check them out! Personally they had me at the Another Matt Damon Rescue Mission.

 the_big_short the_hateful_eight bridge honestoscarposters1 honestoscarposters2 honestoscarposters3 honestoscarposters4 joy mad_max_fury_road martian