by Margot Pierce

Design agency Serious Studio has created a brilliant project: they transform scary client feedback into the funniest horror movie posters you’ll ever see!

The project, entitled Creative Horror Stories,  is in the form of classic horror movie posters of the 1920s – 30s and features comments that nobody wants to get regarding work: from “We suddenly can’t pay you” to “I need this by the  end of the day”, these posters are hilarious and intimidating at the same time!

 creative-horror-stories-classic-movie-posters-8 creative-horror-stories-classic-movie-posters-7 creative-horror-stories-classic-movie-posters-6 creative-horror-stories-classic-movie-posters-5 creative-horror-stories-classic-movie-posters-4 creative-horror-stories-classic-movie-posters-3creative-horror-stories-classic-movie-posters-2 creative-horror-stories-classic-movie-posters-1

via Digital Synopsis