Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Photos © Weegee/ International Center of Photography

If you’re a fan of vintage photography then you’re definitely a fan of Weegee’s. Best known for his pictures of the dark side of New York City involving urban crime, death and nightlife, Weegee was also interested in more innocent everyday moments, like going to the movies. In the mid-1940s Weegee shot a series of photographs in New York City theaters, during the screening of movies, using infrared film.

His models were common people who just went to the movies to spend a fun day and had no idea they were being photographed. Children, couples, exited teenage girls and eternal theater sleepers are depicted in Weegee’s unique collection of photographs. The lyricism of the theater and the magic the films had to offer in combination with the vary and occasional moviegoers, create a feeling of the known while they portray beautiful the timeless atmosphere of a motion pictures theater.

via vintag

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