Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Alix Marie is a French artist based in Paris and London.

Being a photographer and an artist, Marie combines her two practices in inspired installations and sculptural works. Exploring the body and its physical aspects, Marie takes photographs of herself and her friends, that are either depicting their nude bodies or their facial characteristics and parts of their body.

Her exceptional skills and minimal aesthetic turn her material into sets of works, that comment on people’s low self esteem and vulnerability. By exposing parts of their bodies and later using their photographic reproductions in her work, Marie seems to be putting her and her subjects in a neutral state, disconnecting them from the final artistic result.

Focusing on people’s uneasiness with their appearance, Marie created a body of work where the sense of intimacy and individuality are highlighted during the process of creation, but in the end, equilibrated with the artistic context.


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