The Eerie, Ethereal Visions Of One Photographer Who Merges Reality And The Surreal

An uncanny fascination creeps over you as you look at the latest images from Roland Biro, strange, unearthly creatures, half-human and half-animal, lay seemingly semi-conscious in black and white. In fact, a theme running through all the images, seems to place the viewer in the position of voyeur: watching a sinking vehicle, its passengers pressed against the window in various states of consciousness, the lack of oxygen creating an eerie, dream-like atmosphere.

The images are clever, meticulous and thought-provoking – simultaneously conjuring up childhood images of creating finger shadows on the wall and something altogether more sinister. The multi-faceted sentiments reflected in the images reflect the way they were created, as Roland explained, “I scan my old pictures or free public archive photography from the internet, or I scan my face, the faces of others, hands, leaves, stones or sometimes even my own paintings or drawings”.

An amalgamation of stark realism and surrealism, Roland says the images in the series are a collection of, “[his] own emotions and unique outlook on visual style gathered together into strange visions”. They encourage us to dream but also to always desire to wake, we succumb to the temptation to indulge our morbid fascination but are glad to return to the colour of reality once done.”

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