We looked at each other.

It was pitching time and we knew there were a lot of ideas there somewhere.

Although I knew there were some good ideas, just to encourage more people as a facilitator, I pitched in myself.

I basically pitched a hardware that you could customize through an app. I planned it to solve the ‘ice-breaking’ problem in places like co-working spaces. People were coming from similar walks of life but sometimes were not engaging with each other either because they were too shy or because they never needed to. That was, to me, a problem because there were a lot of synergies never being created.facebook.png

It’s like one those ‘3 seconds love’ moments when your eyes meet with a beautiful stranger on a street but you keep walking and end up being just random passersby. What if you took the initiative and introduced yourself? This hardware could solve that problem in co-working spaces. ‘Up for networking’ and ‘not for networking’. If you chose the first, people would approach you much more easily.

Then we figured, ‘hey, how great it would be if you could use this hardware in conferences, festivals etc!’ We were blown away then because it could definitely be used instead of those boring badges.

Then it hit us: Emojis! We love emojis, why shouldn’t we be able to wear them?! From emojis we moved on to artworks, city views, historical figures, gifs. Then was born Bisou.

Bisou is the world’s first customizable necklace that is integrated with an app that allows you to upload pictures of your loved ones and offers you thousands of interesting designs within the app.

Apart from curated designs, there are already some designers, illustrators and even street artists who will be displaying their works for users to wear.

We created Bisou for those who like to be out, the total extroverts. It will become a part of your everyday life in the likes of Kreuzberg, Karaköy or Harajuku. It is a new way generation Y can express themselves.



It will be with you when you kiss, when you eat, when you chat and when you drink with that guy/girl. It will NOT block your everyday life, it will be a cute company.

Mute or in a foreign country and speak no foreign language? Upload icons that help you explain your need.

Bought a brand new bag but can’t match it with anything you already own? Bisou will save the day with a beautiful design that compliments that bag.

Wanted to show your support for a cause? Tap on a slogan/poster that reflects it.

Wanted to scream your love out? Upload the picture of your loved one!

Bisou is a digital necklace but also a magnet. Your laptop, fridge, steel door will definitely be more entertaining.

We are launching on Indiegogo in June. If you want to sign up and get a sweet discount, here is the link:


Sex & Drugs ‘n’ Bisou!