Good day,
I introduce myself, I’m Alexandre Chapelin, the creator of the concept THE TABLE.
I allow myself to send you some pictures of my last three creations.
I did do a little explanatory text explaining the models I created LAGOON.
Lagoon 55 is a completely unique concept from LA TABLE Explanations from Alexandre Chapelin creator & designer.
“I refuse on making a manufactured product simply because each model is unique 
and I cannot produce two identical tables, so neither will 2 people own the same table of my creation. I’ve always respected the difference between people their personalities and characters 
and I believe this should reflect in the interior design of their own homes. Therefore, 
our concept is not for 2 people to ever own the same table. 
I’ve created LA TABLE’s concept in order to make artistic, attractive & contemporary pieces unique in their realisation and effect. 
With the ability to suit the personality and interior designs of their owners. 
The model Lagoon 55 is a coffee table from this concept. Sculpted in a unique piece of marble, we carve levels reproducing the depth of the sea and bringing the ocean/lagoon effect to your living room from the comfort of your sitting area. We pour the especially created resins from our unique formula at each different level of depth. This really particular technique makes appear the fabulous ocean effect to our tables. We would realise for you a similar model as the one you can see on the picture, but to your own bespoke measurements, and create the unique model you want to have. 
I’ve created LA TABLE’s concept to meet aesthetic requirements in any interior design. On a last note of our French designer:  
“do never try to label our concept, the only labels I will ever be interested in are the great wines labels.”
I also brings you the links:
My website, my face-book page and a video on the concept TABLE.


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