Award-winning Designer Partners up with Lucasfilm to Create the “Star Wars” Furniture Collection

On the one hand, who would say no to the “Imperial Wings” armchair, and the “Darth Sidious” armchair, or the “Little Jedi” light and the “Chewbacca” rocking stool? On the other hand, how would all these pieces of furniture look in your living room without making it look offbeat and peculiar? Enter multi-award winning designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

A CLOSER LOOK: The microfiber strips are colored brown and wrapped with a fabric belt to emulate Chewbacca and his bandolier. The playfulness of this rocking stool reflects the big heart of the legendary Wookiee warrior and loyal comrade of Han Solo.For inquiries, please email #KENNETHCOBONPUE

Gepostet von KENNETH COBONPUE am Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2018

The latter, has just partnered up with Lucasfilm and Disney to create handmade, elegant and high-end furniture inspired by the world of Star Wars. The collection was introduced at Salone del Mobile (Milan, Italy), earlier in April. The award winning designer strove in order to create pieces of furniture that both stay true to the essence and image of the Star Wars franchise but also highlight his own unique and sophisticated style.

A CLOSER LOOK: Featuring a foldable swivel table and an open weave canopy, the Vader easy armchair mixes business and pleasure as an office and a personal nook in one, making the chair versatile in function. The seat cushion resembles Vader’s mask, which is achieved through meticulous stitching. It is your very own private space to have a cup of tea and plan your next scheme to conquer the Rebel Alliance.For inquiries, please email #KENNETHCOBONPUE

Gepostet von KENNETH COBONPUE am Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2018

“I wasn’t sure how to marry my design philosophy and language with that of the Star Wars franchise, but I decided to view it simply as a design challenge,” Kenneth Cobonpue said. “I knew I needed to incorporate the various shapes and motifs from the world of Star Wars sufficiently enough to make them recognizable, but to also stop short of being too literal. Finding that balance proved to be the project’s biggest challenge for me.”

A CLOSER LOOK: Little Jedi is a symbol of hope and a brighter tomorrow. The miniature figurines are Jedi Knights holding light sabers, which are the hanging lamp’s light source. The one red figurine symbolizes a Sith Lord that the Jedi’s are battling against, conveying the message of what can be achieved when people unite and come together.For inquiries, please email #KENNETHCOBONPUE

Gepostet von KENNETH COBONPUE am Montag, 29. Oktober 2018

The collection was very well received online and continues to gain momentum. Scroll down to make up your own mind as well.