Albert Sagan for Art-Sheep

The Pole House, designed by F2 Architecture, is placed over the coast on Great Ocean Road in Australia and it is a contemporary building offering marvellous views to the Pacific Ocean. Usually pointed out as the most photographed building along the road, it is regarded as one of Australia’s most emblematic architectures and it’s easy to see why. The upheaved construction is placed upon a pole and a stretched, suspended passageway leads to the front door. From certain viewpoints, The Pole House looks like it’s floating in the vast sea.

Some excellent new features have been added to the building when it was renovated lately. Glass balustrades replaced the old ones, offering a sense of walking on air. In addition to that, The Pole House now has floor-to-ceiling retracting glass walls. The bathroom and the supporting pole are hidden within a prominent part of a wall, covered with warm-burnt-ash timber.
If you wish you could live in this one-of-a-kind home, then you’re lucky, because The Pole House is currently available for holiday rental. Great Ocean Holidays advertise it as an experience and just as a simple accommodation. If you take in mind its smooth and contemporary design as well as the stunning view to the Pacific, then I guess they’re probably right.

via mymodernmet