by Agape Charmani

Stephanie Davidson is an illustrator, designer and art director, based in New York. Apart from her imaginative illustrations, fun movie posters and amazing GIFs, Davidson has created a series of mysterious, freaky and super exciting GIFs depicting a few of the most famous horror ladies.

Having starred in iconic horror movies, actresses from Shelley Duvall to Jamie Lee Curtis, get a makeover that focuses on the drama, the facial expressions and the tragedy of each movie’s scene, that inspired Davidson. The Horrified series puts some of our favorite moments in movie history in loop, because yes, we need that in our lives.
Shelley Duvall. The Shining. 1980

Mia Farrow. Rosemary’s Baby. 1968

Janet Leigh. Psycho. 1960

Jamie Lee Curtis. Halloween. 1978

Linda Blair. The Exorcist. 1973

Susan Backlinie. Jaws. 1975

Tippi Hedren. The Birds. 1963