by Maria Sofou

Nowadays, objectification of women is everywhere around us. In the advertising world, a woman can be portrayed as a sexual object even in a sandwich commercial, as advertisers tend to use women’s faces as masks and their bodies as objects. Whether it’s Burger King or Tom Ford, ad makers accommodate gender stereotypes and sexism in the worst way possible, creating damaging mental, psychological and societal problems.

That’s what the #WomenNotObjects project is all about: the video project consists of outrageously sexist advertisements and the sarcastic responses women think of them. From “I love giving blowjobs to sandwiches” to “I love sacrificing my dignity for a drink”, these remarks are a genuine protest against the highly sexualized and objectified presentation of women in media, a presentation which reinforces sexism in society.

The project video encourages discussion by using #WomenNotObjects hashtag. Way to go, ladies!






via Bored Panda