BeFunky Collage (33)

Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

So, who doesn’t like looking at animal-related material on the web? Nowadays, the Internet is replete with pictures and videos of cute pets, or even exotic wild animals in the cutest and funniest scenes. However, a Belgian photographer and avid animal lover, has decided to capture his adorable models under a different light. Vincent Legrange, in his series Human Animal aims to portray both wild animals and pets, as betrayed by his title, focusing on a more human aspect of their appearance and behavior.

Legrange’s pictures with their darker colors and bare backgrounds, zoomed in on the animals’ solemn and seemingly contemplative faces, are in contrast with their mobility and enthusiasm behind-the-scenes, as they are caught in a perfect moment of peace. The photographer comments about his work, “Today most people photograph just people, but only a few photograph animals. I tried to photograph the animals as humans, depicting their emotion and human-like characteristics in a sombre way.’’

via mymodernmet

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