I always start a new series with the aim of telling a story, something that I have in mind, a story that is somehow bringing my imagination to life.

Noir Stills is a work inspired by 1940s-60s great noir movies’ directors (especially Carol Reed and Alfred Hitchcock), I am an avid crime stories’ reader and that’s why I wanted to create a series that could be an homage to this word.
I’ve meticulously built this photos and left the appearance of happenstance, like you just walked in on a crime scene or peaked behind the curtains of your neighbours. Developing these shootings with the aim of making the public an eyewitness to my narrative, I’ve tried not to define viewers’ thoughts with a plot or a storyline, but at the contrary I wanted to leave them freedom to create their own ideas, without influencing the feelings an image could give.

Differently from what you can aspect from a Noir story, I’ve employed stark lighting techniques and claustrophobic angles in an attempt to heighten my characters’ existential angst, replacing the multiple textures of black with the more brazen, neon colours of pop art. I also didn’t want to use any “gruesome” detail, like blood, weapons or wounds, since I wanted to create the feeling of “something is wrong” without using visible crime clues.

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