They have recorded over 10,000 dishes and ingredients.


TasteAtlas is dedicated to noting, preserving and promoting local ingredients, traditional dishes, autochthonous recipies and iconic restaurants.

It is essentially a searchable and interactive map of the world that showcases dishes, ingredients and drinks in their countries/areas/towns of origin.

“TasteAtlas is a world atlas of food and drinks, an encyclopedia of flavors.” As found on their website. “As of now, we have recorded over 10,000 dishes and ingredients, with the intention of, over the next months and years, capturing them all: the popular, as well as the forgotten tastes and scents of every city and village.

Travel, eat, and drink. Appreciate the local. Share your impressions with us. Save your grandmothers’ recipes from being forgotten, and present the dishes of your childhood to the world gourmet map.”

Their mission is to save our grandmothers’ recipes from oblivion. They want to achieve that by marking down all the dishes and ingredients found around the world. ALL of them. And encourage travelers to familiarize themselves with different cultures through high-quality and authentic food.

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