11 Hilarious Logo Changes After the Covid-19 Outbreak

One of the new terms we became accustomed with, these last weeks is “social distancing”. That goes for people. But what about famous company logos? Are they affected as well?

The same thought entered Jure Torvljan’s mind as well. A creative director based in Slovenia. Mr.Jure remained several well-known logos, taking into consideration the struggles regarding social distancing.

This is what he had to say to Bored Panda, about his project.

“It all [began] when I was looking at the Starbucks logo. I was wondering how the iconic mermaid would look like with a mask. At first, I only wanted to remake the most iconic logos (like Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, and so on) but I soon realized that it’s not going to be that easy. I saw that some designs have the potential [to undergo such a transformation] and some don’t. So, I went on to search for more.

The amount of feedback I’m still getting is overwhelming. I’m also noticing that big brands like McDonald’s are choosing to go down the same road, I’m really honored to be an inspiration to some of the biggest players in the industry.”

Enjoy his work. We truly did. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Much Love.


#1 Corona Extra

Corona Extra


#2 Olympic Games

Olympic Games


#3 Linkedin


#4 Nike


#5 Starbucks


#6 Nba


#7 Mastercard


#8 The Us Open (Tennis)

The Us Open (Tennis)

#9 Target


#10 United Airlines

United Airlines

#11 Mobil