Just go home Waldo

Tired of feeling your brain sore after trying to find Waldo for hours? Well that’s his job. Making brains feel sore since 1987 courtesy of Martin Handford. No more! Everyone is affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus and as we will find out, beloved, stripe-shirted Waldo is no exception.

Artists Pedro Mezzini and Clay Bennett, took it upon themselves to realize Waldo during these strange times. It comes quite expectedly that this piece of news became viral.

So finally, after so many years, Waldo has become an easy target. You almost feel sorry for him, right? Or you would feel sorry, if the part of your brain that feels sorry wasn’t traumatized by all the years of destroying your little grey cells trying to locate him.

Image credits: Pedro Mezzini

Image credits: timesfreepress


People’s reactions. Enjoy.