It is always interesting when artists create beautiful art from recycled items


Kirsty Elson lives and works in Cornwall, her inspiration comes from her surroundings and her materials are recycled treasures collected from the local shoreline. Clearly she enjoys beachcombing to find different objects. She also has a great sense of how the objects can be transformed into quirky and attractive artwork, which often reflects the seaside area she comes from.

She studied Illustration at Cambridge School of Art but decided it wasn’t a career she wanted to pursue. It was a decade later, after a subsequent move to Cornwall, that she started collecting driftwood and other found objects and turning them into coastal-themed sculptures.

‘Unsurprisingly I am influenced by my beautiful Cornish surroundings, but what inspires me most is the materials I find: I am completely led by them, so hopefully that keeps my work fresh. I think it evokes feelings of nostalgia for people, perhaps reminding them of holidays or playing with miniature houses as children. I hope my work makes you smile.’