When Bob and Linda Carey discovered that Linda had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob came up with a unique way to cope with the difficult news and help his wife heal – by bringing a smile to her face. Thus began the Tutu Project, in which Bob traveled the world to take pictures of himself with a pink ballerina’s tutu, braving heat, cold, and public humiliation. The photos will be published in a book, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Carey Foundation, formed by the couple to help others fight breast cancer.


This is Bob and Linda Carey

In 2003, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer

Cancer diagnoses are devastating, but instead of giving up hope…

Bob put on a tutu and set out to make his wife smile

He was not quite the same as all the other ballerinas…

But he would go to the ends of the earth to make Linda smile and help her

“When Linda was diagnosed, that’s when I went to self-therapy mode. That’s what I do when things are getting hard. I start making photographs,” said Bob

“It is about keeping everything light and not so serious,” explained Bob

And sometimes, laughter truly is the best medicine

“The more I laugh, the better I feel,” Linda says

That was only the beginning of Bob’s beautiful dance

Linda began showing the pictures to other women suffering from cancer

The pictures helped other women suffering from cancer laugh and feel better as well

“Who would have thought a pink tutu would connect with so many people,” said Linda

The wonderful and silly pictures took Bob all over the world

After Linda beat cancer for the first time in 2003, only to have it recur in 2006

After helping her with his pictures, Bob and Linda also formed The Carey Foundation

A portion of the proceeds from each book will go to Carey Foundation for breast cancer