There is always a different feeling to it, seeing a place from above. From a panoramic view, to looking down while on the plane, the feeling is always different.  Watching a place in its entirety, gives you a different perspective. It’s calm, it’s intimate.

In 2009 a pilot in Botswana asked Zack Seckler, to accompany him, on a flight over the salt flats of the region. It was an very lightweight aircraft, and also the first time, Seckler took to the skies.

“It’s just me and the pilot sitting right next to each other, knees practically touching,” Seckler recalled. “There are no real doors, no windows—there’s only a windshield, propeller, and wings.”

Ten years later, Zack Seckler, makes news with his incredible collection, titled “Above”. “Above” is a series of stunning and abstract aerial photographs revealing the beauty of two remote and stark places such as Botswana and Iceland, but also, highlighting their contrasting differences.

“From elevations between 50 and 500 feet, the landscape hovers on the line between things looking very real and recognizable and being more abstract,” Seckler said. “That’s what really draws me in—the line between reality and abstraction.” 

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