Aladdin as Tito

Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

Thanks to, what is usually referred to as “fan-art”, we have had the chance, in various occasions, to enjoy seeing Disney characters re-imagined as we have never seen them before. From realistic portraits to steam-punk or zombie renditions, they are all equally thrilling.

In the case of artist Isaiah Stephens, however, Disney heroes and specifically, Disney princes are redrawn in a way that can be safely labeled as far from Disney material. Famous princes, such as Prince Charming, Eric and the Beast, among others, were featured in the roles of the movie Magic Mike‘s very sexy male strippers and depicted performing on stage for their beloved ones, who are portrayed as modern-day club goers. Stephens’ illustrations are definitely a very interesting, not to mention quite saucy recreation of the childhood heroes, that we dare say you are going to love.

pictures via cosmopolitan


The Beast as Tarzan


Prince Eric as Ken Doll


John Smith as Dallas


Kristoff as The Kid


Naveen as Malik


Li Shang as Big Dick Richie


Prince Charming from Cinderella as Magic Mike