She builds worlds and imaginary places

Olivia Kemp is a British artist that loves to create pen drawing masterpieces. Her creations depict mythical landscapes built from photography, observational sketches, and her own memories of discovered destinations. She doesn’t use any color on her drawings just a simple black pen.

Her pen and ink works contain dense villages of twisting tree houses within forests and log cabins sprinkled through out private islands, each appearing isolated from modern civilization.

“I draw in order to make sense of landscape but also to construct and remodel it,” the artist says. “I build worlds and imaginary places that grow out of a need to interpret the sites that I have known, expanding and developing them across a page. This encompasses everything, from the visions of a grand landscape right down to the details of the land, the plants and creatures that may inhabit it.”

All images courtesy of Olivia Kemp

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