Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Hoping to mess with our minds, the people behind Flying Mouse 365 have created a series of adorable illustrations. These optical illusions depict cute scenes where a lamp’s light becomes a curtain of glimmers or a cow’s color changes while she is being milked.

Flying Mouse 365 is a start-up specializing in designing and producing t-shirts. It is run by Kuala Lumpur-based designer Chow Hon Lam and the company’s goal is to “draw a smile” on people’s faces. I don’t know about you, but if they’d ask me whether I smiled when looking at these, I’d say, mission accomplished!

 Midnight-Walker__605 Exit__605  The-Farmer__605 Shall-We-Dance__605 Boots-In-The-Dusk__605 Breakfast__605 Cycling-Illusion__605 Opened__605 Star-Collector__605 Milking-Out__605 Going-Home1__605 Light-Robber__605 Shadow-Crossover__605 Illusion-Night__605