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As we know, deforestation is a very crucial issue for the planet, one with multiple negative effects on mankind as much as other species and while reforestation is a viable option, hand-planting is still a slow and costly process. BioCarbon Engineering, has come up with a revolutionary and much more efficient way to compensate for the 26 billion trees destroyed annually, and that is the employment of drones in reforestation.

Their plan involves the drones scanning areas from above to examine their potential for re-planting and then returning to drop pods containing pre-germinated seeds covered in a hydrogel full of nutrients. It is estimated that by using two operators for numerous quadcopters it would be possible to plant an impressive 36,000 trees daily at 15% the cost of conventional methods. Fully working models are to be completed at the end of this summer, but the future of reforestation is definitely here.

via cubebreaker

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