by Agape Charmani

Winnie Truong is a Toronto-born young artist famous for her abstract but romantic depictions of human hair. Her subjects are hairy, appalling people who don’t seem to care about their appearance. These strange, otherworldly characters discusses hair styling practices of the Western world and comment on Western beauty standards.

For Truong hair is not just a provocative medium, it is also her starting point, while the artist allows it to define the lines of the whole image. Using dark elements like skeletons, or beautiful features like feathers, Truong balances between the dreamy and the nightmarish, giving each of her images enough to be a little bit of both.

 JuxtapozWinnieTruong15 MyBestFriendIsInvisible16x19_1200_002 GibsonGeist_002 LookWhosWatchingNowl2015_16x18_1200_002 Fulcrum FanDance_4422x3622 heads-5 heads-4  TrueDetectives16x19_1200 Pearl_44x36print_002 heads-11 SideEye_24x24_2015-WEB_002 heads-9