Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

When one walks into one of Andrea Mastrovito‘s exhibitions, he is instantly overwhelmed by a sudden burst of color and energy, as one observes the cluster of wildlife springing-or better yet-exploding in the midst of an otherwise bare and ordinary room. The Italian artist, in his installations The Island of Dr. Mastrovito and The Island of Dr. Mastrovito II, uses cut-outs of life-sized pictures of colorful flora and fauna to create buzzing and chaotic virgin “islands” in places like No Longer Empty in Governors Island, NYC and Switzerland’s MuDAC museum.

The artist’s titles refer to H. G. Wells’ classic The Island of Doctor Moreau, in which a “mad” scientist experiments  with animals, trying to turn them into humans and in a  sense Mastrovito strives through his creations to adopt this role himself, but with a different task: to give life to his hand-cut animals and let them claim the abandoned rooms for their own homes.

 Andrea_Mastrovito_01 Andrea_Mastrovito_02 Andrea_Mastrovito_04 Andrea_Mastrovito_05 Andrea_Mastrovito_06 Andrea_Mastrovito_07 Andrea_Mastrovito_08 Andrea_Mastrovito_09 Andrea_Mastrovito_10 Andrea_Mastrovito_11 Andrea_Mastrovito_12 Andrea_Mastrovito_13