Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Mariano Peccinetti is a collage artist and music producer, born and based in Mendoza, Argentina.

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Using a common collage technique, Peccinetti blends patterns, shapes and themes to create contrasting images of -literally, space and time. The artist’s material is usually taken from old magazines and newspapers. Cut images, depicting models and furniture, and magazine ads are inserted into a world where time seems to have stopped and moments of history pass on to eternity.

These sci-fi works are a perfect example of detailed work, as the artist has combined his chosen scenes and the background in an interesting and creative way.

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Peccinetti sees his works as surreal, while the images he uses in combination with the patterns, give off  a psychedelic vibe, that includes created symbols and metaphors.

001MarianoPeccinetti-collage-upperplayground 002MarianoPeccinetti-collage-upperplayground 003MarianoPeccinetti-collage-upperplayground    007MarianoPeccinetti-collage-upperplaygroundtumblr_no99pdzuGm1qiww0to1_1280